The Happy Slave

This is my surrender to the Powers that Be, who wish we all were just happy little slaves, tooling along without a care in the world, doing what our better-educated masters tell us to do, not daring to step out of line. I'm so bad at surrender...

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I'm an old-fashioned Get-out-of-my-face-atarian. So long as the gubmint left me alone, I had no problems with it. Gubmint wants to run my life, so I'm doing something about it. (Not just blogging, either.)

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Four philosophies of life.

I think I have found yet another way to classify people. Don't know if it's valid, but I'd say it might be thought-provoking. Here's how it runs: Oppose abortion, oppose executions: Value the sanctity of all life, even lives most would judge unworthy. Oppose abortion, favor executions: Value the protection of innocents. Favor abortion, favor executions: Value convenience for individuals and society. Favor abortion, oppose executions: Want the innocent to die and want murderers and child rapists to live. Do they value anything at all?