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This is my surrender to the Powers that Be, who wish we all were just happy little slaves, tooling along without a care in the world, doing what our better-educated masters tell us to do, not daring to step out of line. I'm so bad at surrender...

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I'm an old-fashioned Get-out-of-my-face-atarian. So long as the gubmint left me alone, I had no problems with it. Gubmint wants to run my life, so I'm doing something about it. (Not just blogging, either.)

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Hatred for mothers.

Okay, I admit to supposedly being a noncombatant in these "mommy wars", but what is with some of these psychotics? Isn't part of the whole "feminism" schtick a claim that women should be "empowered" to make their own choices? Ah, but that's just it, establishment feminism is not a political philosophy, it's a religious cult. Like all cults, its heart is dogmatics and tyranny, not actual enlightened political action. According to the establishment of academia-dominated feminism, women should be "free" but only "free" to agree with the totalitarian party line. I'm glad to see that some people understand that the entire anti-mother party line of feminism is a load of rotting rubbish. Yes, there is an enormous burden on working mothers. But psychotic cultists like Linda Hirshman start sounding like the most retrogressive of hardcore chauvinist pigs when they start blaming the mothers for workplace discrimination against them. What next? Is she going to start saying that rape victims "brought it all on themselves"? Hirshman's bizarre claims about women who choose to be stay-at-home mothers are without limit or sanity. As far as she is concerned, stay-at-home mothers should never have bothered with a good university education. Evidently, Hirshman believes that an educated mother is pretty much worthless to her children. Evidently, Hirshman believes that there is no such thing as grass-roots political or community activity. Evidently, Hirshman is a perfect example of the out-of-touch, elitist, ivory-tower cultist who likes to pretend to be "enlightened" or "progressive". And I'm not the only person to say it.

Before anyone's knee-jerk tendencies take over, I am not claiming that political cultism is necessarily a "liberal" or "leftist" trait, although cultish feminism certainly is a flaw of the Left. I was blessed to meet and get to know some decidedly left-wing women in my life who likewise made the free choice to be stay-at-home mothers, and they were punished for it by their alleged "sisters", even as they raised the new generation of leftists.

And, truth be told, I've got a personal axe to grind in this matter. During my decade spent in Ithaca, New York, I got to witness her suffer through the way that "enlightened" people treated her for daring to not adhere to their bigoted little worldviews. At least one good thing did come of that--I got to see that liberals are no less prone to prejudice and narrow-mindedness than are conservatives. They're just snootier about rationalizing it. What's really sad are the mothers who are so heavily indoctrinated that they run the risk of alienating themselves from their own daughters when those daughters "fail" to make the "politically correct" decision about their lives. Freedom to choose must be free to not agree with some establishment pseudo-progressive dogma or it is not freedom at all.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Cutting your own throat.

In their quest to appease everyone, the Democratic party has finally reached the point wherein they are going to have to cut off one hand to please the other. For the longest time, the Democrats have built their base on the promise of universal employment, or at very least higher-quality employment for people who aren't already rich. To do this, their foundation relied heavily upon our various unions. But now times are changing. Globalization has made the place of American workers more perilous than before. The Democrats are already heavily culpable for this in their most egregious betrayal of their core base--it's also known as "NAFTA". Whether or not NAFTA is a good idea in and of itself is another matter, but the plain truth is that the Democratic party, under the leadership of Mr. Clinton, decided to piss on their largest source of support and tell them that it was raining.

Once that stone got rolling, it's only gained speed. I'm not one to argue that freer trade is a bad thing, I'm just saying that the Democrats have mounted a vicious and merciless assault upon the very source of the lion's share of their grass-roots workers and even funding. For decades, the liberal/leftist "jobs for all" merry-go-round has ridden on the backs of American capitalism. That ride is now being shut down, and people are beginning to notice it.

So far, so good, all the Democrats have to do is just figure out some sort of "New New Deal", like Dionne suggests. But, oopsie! Yes, I said "oopsie". The Democrats have given themselves a sick and twisted household that would strike even the magnificent Slats Grobnik dumb.

In an effort to appease the social leftists who have come to use politics as a substitute for therapy, the Democratic party has hitched its wagon to what it pretends is immigration "reform", but their "reform" would essentially give immigrants an advantage in direct competition against the low-skilled and semi-skilled union labor that had been the backbone of the Democratic party.

If it weren't my own country, I'd just stand back and laugh, but I can't. We all know that Mr. Bush and his neo-Soviet policies have managed to alienate enough people in this country to potentially hand Congress back to the Democrats. And we have a Democratic party leadership that is willing to execute their most solid and ardent historical base merely in the name of scoring a few points on the cocktail party circuit.

Who wants to give me enough money to run for office? I promise that there simply is no way for me to screw anything up worse, even if I blow it all on slow horses, fast women, and fine liquor.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Race war?

For those of you outside of Indianapolis, an entire family of seven was murdered recently. They were killed "execution style", men, women, and children. The arrested suspects were both black. Now, here's the twist, the victims weren't Anglos. It was a Hispanic family. But it isn't ending with that. It looks like somebody is looking to keep things stirred up. From my complete outsider perspective, I'm actually surprised it's taking this long for this much trouble to start. There is a great deal of anti-Hispanic feeling among Blacks in Indianapolis, and I've heard talk that verges upon racist among some Blacks when they talk about Hispanics in our town. Indeed, even a few African-American elected officials from Indianapolis, if spoken to in private, are quite happy to denounce any and all "Mexicans". I'm sure that the hostility is not unknown to its targets. The neighborhood in which the murders occurred is notorious for lax police coverage. The heat of the Indiana summer hasn't even started for 2006...

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Democrat == Fascist

Democrats are fascists. Want proof? Here's some proof: Big-time Democrat Alderman of Chicago wants to ban french fries throughout the city. Democrats are fascists, nothing but a bunch of goose-stepping fascists. They need to stop lying about it and admit that they only reason they hate George W. Bush is that he's just being more successful at it than they are.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Damned lies, statistics, and gasoline prices

Once again, we have seen claims trotted out about the cost of gasoline in "real dollars". As always, the "conclusion" is that gasoline is still super-cheap. As we already know, figures don't lie, but liars do figure. I have often wondered why it is that these claims invariably reach back more than 70 years for comparison. The reason is simple: You have to go back that far for the magic trick to work. But what happens if, instead of the typical storytelling, we instead look at the price of gasoline in terms of hours of work? After all, that is what really matters. Even if the price of something remains the same in terms of "constant dollars", it's still more expensive if you take home even less in "constant dollars" than you used to. What really matters to real Americans is how much time they have to work to be able to afford something.

My own data hasn't been force-fed to me by a political pressure group. I had to go out and get it from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, so I didn't get it going back all the way to 1920. Instead, I had to make do with the average price of unleaded gasoline since 1976 and the average hourly wage for non-management workers (the backbone and soul of America). A little fourth grade math, and I get the number of minutes we have had to work for a gallon of gas, every month, since 1976. This is what really matters to ordinary people who don't get fat salary contracts. How much of my life do I have to give away just to get a gallon of gas?

The highest point since 1976 was in 1981, when we had to work over 11 minutes per gallon of gas. This was the worst part of an all-time high period from 1979-1986, when average Americans had to work more than 8 minutes per gallon of gas, with no relief. This was followed by a long period from 1986 to 2004, when we had to work 6-7 minutes per gallon.

Starting in 2004, everything went up fast, with no sign of relief. In September of 2005, we almost hit the all-time high mark, again. We had a very brief drop at the end of 2005, and now it's moving back up, just as fast as last year.

Ten to twelve minutes a gallon might not sound like much, but if you have a 20-gallon tank (like some popular vehicles currently do) that means every fill-up has cost you more than three hours of your life.

Remember that these numbers do not consider little things like income tax, which makes every hour we work that much less rewarding. If we factor those in, what we end up with is a tankful costs an American worker up to half a day's work--or more, and it looks like the price in terms of how much of our lives go out our exhaust pipes will only go up.