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This is my surrender to the Powers that Be, who wish we all were just happy little slaves, tooling along without a care in the world, doing what our better-educated masters tell us to do, not daring to step out of line. I'm so bad at surrender...

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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Cutting your own throat.

In their quest to appease everyone, the Democratic party has finally reached the point wherein they are going to have to cut off one hand to please the other. For the longest time, the Democrats have built their base on the promise of universal employment, or at very least higher-quality employment for people who aren't already rich. To do this, their foundation relied heavily upon our various unions. But now times are changing. Globalization has made the place of American workers more perilous than before. The Democrats are already heavily culpable for this in their most egregious betrayal of their core base--it's also known as "NAFTA". Whether or not NAFTA is a good idea in and of itself is another matter, but the plain truth is that the Democratic party, under the leadership of Mr. Clinton, decided to piss on their largest source of support and tell them that it was raining.

Once that stone got rolling, it's only gained speed. I'm not one to argue that freer trade is a bad thing, I'm just saying that the Democrats have mounted a vicious and merciless assault upon the very source of the lion's share of their grass-roots workers and even funding. For decades, the liberal/leftist "jobs for all" merry-go-round has ridden on the backs of American capitalism. That ride is now being shut down, and people are beginning to notice it.

So far, so good, all the Democrats have to do is just figure out some sort of "New New Deal", like Dionne suggests. But, oopsie! Yes, I said "oopsie". The Democrats have given themselves a sick and twisted household that would strike even the magnificent Slats Grobnik dumb.

In an effort to appease the social leftists who have come to use politics as a substitute for therapy, the Democratic party has hitched its wagon to what it pretends is immigration "reform", but their "reform" would essentially give immigrants an advantage in direct competition against the low-skilled and semi-skilled union labor that had been the backbone of the Democratic party.

If it weren't my own country, I'd just stand back and laugh, but I can't. We all know that Mr. Bush and his neo-Soviet policies have managed to alienate enough people in this country to potentially hand Congress back to the Democrats. And we have a Democratic party leadership that is willing to execute their most solid and ardent historical base merely in the name of scoring a few points on the cocktail party circuit.

Who wants to give me enough money to run for office? I promise that there simply is no way for me to screw anything up worse, even if I blow it all on slow horses, fast women, and fine liquor.