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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

The priviliged press vs. the truth

It's not often that I say much about other blogs, but one has caught my eye enough to merit comment. The Indianapolis Star has a section called "Expresso", which is used by the newspaper's staff as a bully pulpit. For the most part, it isn't too bad, but recently, one Star writer decided to use it to dishonestly cheer for some pretty stupid laws. Indiana, in some attempt to give the illusion of "doing something" about homemade methamphetamine, decided to pass restrictions on cold tablets worthy of the most totalitarian of police states. Recently, a national report was released indicating an overall drop in methamphetamine use in the workplace. Now enter the dishonest Indy Star employee. First, she mentioned the report. Okay. Then she mentioned testimony by our "drug czar" that methamphetamine abuse is declining. Now is where Beth Murphy ceases being a reporter and, instead, becomes a well-paid liar. She all but flatly states that the decline in nationwide methamphetamine abuse is due to Indiana's draconian cold tablet law.

I looked at the report and read the testimony. Nowhere in the report is there a head-to-head comparison between Indiana and states that do not have a similar law nor laws. Likewise, our "dug czar" did not mention the state of Indiana in his testimony. Nevertheless, Ms. Murphy decided that she would misrepresent these two events as directly reporting conditions in Indiana. It is possible for methamphetamine abuse in Indiana to actually increase while it decreases nationwide. I doubt that it has. However, I also doubt that methamphetamine abuse has decreased in Indiana at rates significantly faster than seen in states without our stupid cold pill law. But truth and honesty appear mean nothing to Ms. Murphy—she just wants to foist her government–worshipping, enslve the people agenda, and she's happy to use her priviliged position at the Indianapolis Star to do so, no matter how much much the truth has to be stretched.