The Happy Slave

This is my surrender to the Powers that Be, who wish we all were just happy little slaves, tooling along without a care in the world, doing what our better-educated masters tell us to do, not daring to step out of line. I'm so bad at surrender...

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I'm an old-fashioned Get-out-of-my-face-atarian. So long as the gubmint left me alone, I had no problems with it. Gubmint wants to run my life, so I'm doing something about it. (Not just blogging, either.)

Wednesday, September 20, 2006


Were you aware that fatty foods can be purchased in the USA? Oh, my sweet GOD IN HEAVEN!!!!!!! What a monstrous thing. But it's even worse than that. Fast food joints are selling really big hamburgers at low prices.

Call out the National Guard! It's time to stand people up against the wall and inflict some death for the social good! Call the governanny! Pass laws! The people must never be trusted, never under any circumstances, whatsoever, to make their own choices. The government must intervene! Government must immediately take dictatorial control of our diets. We cannot be trusted to think for ourselves. We must all immediately live in government-run camps where everything we eat, wear, read, and think is dictated to us for our own good!

There are times when I believe that society would be well served by a few good horse-whippings. First in line would be these busybodies and social nannies who get their nighties knotted over things like fatty foods. Either we are a society of adults or a society of slaves. I realize that dogmatic freaks (aka liberals and conservatives) want to live under dictators, but I would hope that the rest of us would rather have a free society.

Then I remember that I'm in the USA, land of the sissy, home of the whiner. Land where the governanny is supposed to take care of every little thing and keep us all safe from ourselves. There will be some busybody demanding that government "fix" this. There will be enough weaklings who won't stand up to keep government reined in that such measures will be enacted. I expect idiots (aka liberals) demanding that we all be "protected" from the threat of really big hamburgers. I expect other idiots (aka conservatives) to point fingers and denounce this while simultaneously pretending that they aren't every bit as unnecessarily meddlesome about other issues.

I would like to be wrong, but I remember when people used to laugh whenever someone said that, after tobacco was sufficiently demonized, they'd go after hamburgers, next.

Wait! There's more! The government has to dictate what we're allowed to eat at work, too.