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Monday, September 18, 2006

Why have liberals gone down the toilet?

A guy named Edsall recently wrote "Liberals by their very nature don't get as angry as conservatives do." This guy is a self-identified liberal. If he's right, that explains a great deal about the complete loss of credibility and moral focus that American liberalism has undergone. If he's wrong, then he still explains a great deal of the complete loss of credibility and moral focus that American liberalism has undergone.

At one time, American liberalism was hopping mad and damned proud of it! Right or wrong, at least American liberals had the courage to have some moral outrage and call it moral outrage. These days, according to liberal "intellectuals", liberals just are innately less capable of anger.

Can anyone else see what's wrong with such an attitude? If it's true, then it means that even liberals don't believe in their own causes, anymore. The fundamental fuel for politically-based anger is moral outrage. Whether it is justified or unjustified, it is the framing of political issues as moral issues that really puts fire in the belly. If Edsall's contention is false, then it means that liberals have abandoned morality in favor of mealy-mouthed hypocrisy.

American liberals used to have plenty of moral arguments to make. Indeed, if one goes back to the old-fashioned progressives, morality was the fundamental basis of their platform. Even the drug-fed leftists of the 1960s weren't afraid to see their causes as moral issues. Whether or not you agree with the details of liberal morality, at least liberals of earlier eras were willing to admit to the existence of morality.